Small Living Rocks


Sometimes it’s hard to find the right balance between small- and well designed living. I believe this home is a good example of how an ideal compact living solution would be to me.As for this space It looks as the needs and behavior of the owners has been studied to detail as to create the perfect home for them. They have created four different zones in two distinct spaces, this by using a Murphy bed and a kitchen island/table/office station. The style feels easy to the eye and is not competing with the place, instead it feels cohesive.

I love the sliding wall that creates an intimate yoga or sleeping zone. I could see wanting a similar solution in our future home. I have actually been negative to Murphy beds for a while now, but I might have to re-think this practical solution. What do you think, is Murphy bed’s a practical solution that you would like?

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Credit: 1, 2, 3, 4, -Photo by Ian Allen /Images borrowed from Dwell

Another clever thing in this space is the adjustable dining table that functions as kitchen island, office area and entertainment area; all thanks to the adjustable legs. I wonder how expensive it would be to design a table with those type of stands?

{That plant is fantastic and feels like just the right, organic decoration for this space.}

  • Didn't know you could get these! Love it. In Design as Art, by Bruno Munari, he talks quite a bit about the typical Japanese tea room and its space. I think you'd like it. Thanks for these pictures!

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