Feeling The Christmas Spirit Yet?

Credit: A Merry Mishap 

Yes, Yes… I do. Loving this decorative tree from the A Merry Mishap Blog, I might even steal this idea for next year.

I’m also adding these beauties for next years wish-list; well the pre-Christmas wish-list that is. They are Müzo collectibles designed by Paige Russel.

Credit: 1, 2, 3 Paige Russell Via Dwell 

  • hihi…I'm actually struggling to love the winter and Christmas feels so lonely without my other half here. But on the brighter side: I get to celebrate it with my beautiful mother 🙂

    How are you spending your xmas?

    Thank you :)) Had the urge and patience to fix it today. Trying to upload all the other pages now. Thought I would have a fresh start for New Year.

    How's work and blogging going for you?

  • not really, but I'm getting there!
    Like your new layout!

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