Conversation With Eva Hjelte

Yesterday I had a great e-mail conversation with Eva Hjelte, the Illustrator I mentioned the other day. Oh my, she is an inspiring, caring and wonderful person with a talent to admire. I’m keeping her advice and motivating words close to heart.

Her story is fascinating and a great example of ,that sometimes one thing leads to another. Having started her career as a fashion designer after completed studies, she came to realization that she could use her drawing talent and focus 100% on Illustrating. Oh aren’t we happy about that?

Images borrowed from Eva Hjelte by approval

I’m a big fan of the way she expresses herself. Her pieces are whimsical, living and somewhat mysterious, with color choices that always seems to be muted.

Find more on her on:
Her portfolio
Woo Agentur

  • Yeah indeed, she is a talented woman. It was so hard finding favorites to add when everything she does is splendid.

    /Design Studio 210

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