Butterflies Are Keeping Me Awake

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Artist: Carlos Amorales
I can’t sleep, I have an Idea, well actually I had it prior to finding these photos. I think, I am going to build a prototype…hmm yeah. That should keep me awake tonight. I better get the coffee with cinnamon going.

  • Ur snyggt! But yeah, must have taken forever!!!

  • Thank God there are no bats in your idea! Actually I just killed a bug that was on my bedroom floor:/ Iacc I'm not a bug person, or a bat one either:P

    And yes, I'm going to KLC but I don't think they call it a workshop, it's an introduction course that can be a preparation to the year course they also have.


  • LOL that's what I thought too 🙂

    MY idea I had prior to seeing this, and it involved a box, navy coloured paint, and butterflies in a cream colour 🙂

  • I think it's cool, but scary… I saw the butterflies and thought of bats…

    Oh god, many black bats.
    Hope I didn't ruin your idea:P

  • Amazing! Whenever I have an idea I can never get to sleep either. My husband is the complete opposite. He falls asleep right away no matter what.

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