Artist Michael Lotenero

For a couple of weeks now I have kept this gem, Michael Lotenero, an artist and designer who is no rookie in the field.

After 20 years as a professional, he has come to do work for The Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, Nintendo, Sony Pictures. He also received awards and collaborated with José Muniain on the short film installation “Navarro”, which documented his painting process. This film came to be a finalist in the D.C. Independent Film Festival.

Images borrowed from Michael Lotenero by approval

Michael really inspires me and I would be thrilled to use some of his art -including these drawings from his sketchbook- in future designs of mine.

I know I will be keeping an eye on his webpage.

  • great, thanks for finding!
    books like this make my fingertips tingle 😉

  • Jim I am so with you on this…..imperfection makes perfect. It's a talent to reinforce those and balance them so it becomes aesthetically pleasing.

    Normally this is what I look for in art, sketchbooks, inspiration etc. I always keep on asking myself what is perfect?

  • How beautiful and singular his ideas and composition and technique. I love anyone who keeps a journal of inpsiration and sketches and somehow leaves things not finished but perfect.

  • Tack så mkt, nu har jag lagt upp hur köket kommer att se ut=)

  • Jag ska också ta en titt, tack för tipset


  • wow!! you are right!! he is wonderful. those sketch books are marvelous.

  • Tack för tipset, där ska jag kika in! Kram Sandra

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