Ieva A Photographer

I have been wanting to add these rustic, stunning photos by Ieva, for awhile now. She is a photographer who is blogging.

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Images borrowed from Ieva by approval

Her kitchen space is great and feels like it is a portray of her own style; rustic and stylish.

  • i just love it. and that soup tureen on the top shelf just makes it perfect.

  • oh, thank you all (and especially anna caroline, of course)!

    @ anna caroline: "it feels like she found her own style" – well, that could be true. but you know – i'm 37. it seems to me that the life of a woman around 35 is just the best. you seem to "arrive" to yourself, to know what you want, to know what you like and dislike…

  • Guys have a look on her blog and portfolio and you will see some amazing work. It feels like she found her own style…..she is an adorable woman also 🙂

    Thanks guys for all the feedback :))

  • Its great to have found your blogg.
    I will follow it…love it!
    We maybe have diffrent things in our home but thats the point…

    Have a great day!

  • What a cool find, man I hope my kitchen can look modern some day, and I think I spy an island, I want an island so bad!

  • what a wonderful photographer! great find!! I love photos of simple everyday items. thanks.

  • Great kitchen!

    And I hope you have a much easier upcoming week!

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