Virtual Interior Design Services – Pro and Cons

virtual interior design services

If you are looking for getting professional help to fix up your home, then a virtual interior design service can be an option for you.

While there are some known larger companies that are basing their whole business model on providing a virtual interior design service to their customers. There are also more bloggers who are interior design consultants and have this service on their blogs.

——- In fact, living on a small island where foreigners purchase summer holiday homes made me have an opportunity to decor or design a few of these myself.

But, how does an online interior design service actually work? And what Pro and Cons can we see with this type of business model. And lastly where can you find these design services?

To help you out I have asked a few fellow design people over at Quora to help me to look into this topic. All to help you to think about whether hiring an online interior designer is right for you and your needs. I have also listed a few virtual interior services that I know of today…

online interior design mood board

But first…

How does an online interior design service work?

An online interior design service does what it says – it is a business that provides interior design advice online or virtually by often providing different packages or services. All with an aim to help someone who is in need of design help, by offering them the flexibility of doing it from home.

It can either be a larger company like Havenly or it can even be an independent interior design consultant like this blogger here.

Usually, this business model consists of providing different types of packages for the homeowners to achieve their dream space. This might be:

  • Providing floor plans
  • Providing a digital mockup of the space
  • Providing sample boards
  • Providing shopping lists for you to easily purchase the suggested items

Our Pro and Con list for a Virtual Interior Design Service


  • Easily accessible and not restricted to were you live 
  • Opportunity to get service from an online high profile person (famous interior designer who blogs, TV personas etc)
  • Cost is usually lower than “normal” design services 
  • Service is usually fast
  • Designer will be able to provide trade deals and offers (You will save money by getting better deals and instead use this cost on the actual service)
  • Convenience in sourcing: Usually online objects and furniture is recommended, easy to order

Online interior design room design


  • The designer never visits your home or space which means that some elements might not be addressed to
  • The styling will fall on you, if it is not detailed displayed in visuals
  • Project relays on the client to measure the space
  • Hiring local contractors and workers usually falls on the client
  • Assembly and arrangement of furniture is on you

The above Pro’s and Con’s can, of course, vary depending on the services that the virtual interior designer is providing. Some might be more focused on decoration, and some might have broader services that even include connecting you to the right contractor.

Extra Tips! To make sure that you get that unique home that has meaning to you. Then I would highly recommend reading why you should create a vision board for your home and life: Vision Board for your home.

This will get you to prioritize truly what matters to you, which will reflected in your home decor.

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6 Online interior designers who offer online services

  1. Scandinavian Interior Advice
Online interior design service - Cocolapine

Scandinavian interior advice is run by the famous Cocolapine. With her great sourcing ability and clean design style, I am sure she is making her clients happy with her stunning designs.

She is currently offering two different services that can be seen here.

2. Nordic Design

Virtual interior design service - nordicdesign

Nordic Design is run by a blogger and interior design consultant known within the Nordic and Scandinavian interior sphere. She does not have pre set packages with already set prices but instead you will have to contact her on her website to get the best price and solution fitting your budget and need.

3. Modsy

Online interior design - Modsy

4. Havenly

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Virtual interior design - Havenly

5. Decorist

Online interior design - Decorist

6. Decorilla

Online interior design service - decorilla

Tips if you are hiring an online interior designer

  • Compare the different packages and services from the list: for example, do they focus on a specific area, like holistic interior design?
  • Make sure you have an idea of why you are wanting to hire a designer in the first place. Are you looking to just give your space some extra love? Is your floor plan not functioning for you?
  • Understand the real meaning behind your design to avoid having a cookie-cutter type of interior
  • Check if the consultant or business gives you discounted trade offers
  • Do some style research before by looking through blogs, Pinerest, Instagram or get some ideas from our curated interior design books list

Now would love to hear what you think…

What Pro and Cons do you see with getting your home designed through an online interior design service? Have you tried any of those services and have any experience to share.

I look forward getting inspired by you…

Also, don’t miss out my free handbook and checklist that will help you to create a home that reflects you. And that you can truly get motivated by…

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