Small Living Done Cozy

small cozy living

It is a new week and with that I am continuing to dive into interiors that inspire a sensation of change.

I am especially intrigued by smaller spaces and how cozy and functional they can be, even if limited with space.

In fact downsizing can be such a refreshing thing to do since one will have clarity on only bringing in things that actually mean something and matter. What a refreshing thought, right?

The Imaginary Story

The apartment oozes a feel of a person who likes to keep things to a minimal but at the same time appreciates items to create a cozy and homely vibe.

It feels like a hip and cultural flat that also embraces natural elements and brings this in parsley through the space.

This space can be for someone who is looking to keep the square meters to a minimum but it is still interested in creating different interesting zones within the small space. Zones that helps the person to solve daily needs but also that supports their own hobbies and the story that they want to get inspired by.

Whatever the story might be, I am very inspired about the idea of downsizing and starting with a fresh start in regards of what I owe.

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Hope you enjoy all the stunning photos!

Key Takeaway

  • Decorate with pretty functional objects that you love to look at and at the same time use, like example a nice looking coffee maker to you.
  • Use the height of the ceiling to build up
  • White + mirrors
  • Mix hidden and decorative open storage

Happy creative week!

small cozy living
small cozy living
small cozy living
small cozy living
small cozy living
small cozy living
small cozy living

Credit: Stadshem


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