Scandinavian Living Room Ideas

scandinavian living room

Scandinavian living rooms are characteristic of spaces with ample light, neutral materials and clean lines. What is also very specific with Scandinavian living rooms is the emphasis on coziness, functionality and form.

When these are applied in a cohesive way, and with the mindset of a Scandinavian lifestyle, you have your Scandi inspired living room design.

If you are interested in getting inspired, I have collected 29 stunning Scandinavian living rooms ideas that hopefully helps you out. You will find below, interior photos + design tips.

But before you start, don’t forget to think why having a Scandinavian style matters to you?

Maybe it is simply the way of living that is inspiring, or maybe you purely like the feel of it. Or maybe you dream of living in a Scandinavian city one day. Or maybe you are like me, wanting to remind yourself and connect yourself with your family history by incorporating these Scandinavian living room inspirations into your home. All because it means – home.

caroline broman design studio 210

I also recommend my guide on Scandinavian Interior Design where you will learn more what is behind this style + Tips on how to get the style

Scandinavian interior design style Guide

Key Features Summed up

  • Space with ample of light
  • Clean lines
  • Natural materials
  • Whites, neutrals and grays
  • Decoration changes depending on season
  • Focus on coziness and comfort
  • Apply not too little or not too much of items (concept is called “lagom” in Swedish)

29 Ideas from Scandinavian Living rooms

Pastel interior design

#1 Create small curated areas inspiring to look at with your favorite objects.

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Only deco love apartment

#2 Keep things simple and lean more towards the Scandinavian minimalist interior design for an even cleaner feel.

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Scandinavian bohemian interior living room

#3 Bring the outdoors in with green plants.

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scandinavian bohemian interior

#4 Create an art gallery wall above the sofa to contrast the white walls.

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Earthy toned scandinavian living room

#5 Use natural and earthy colors in your Scandinavian interior.

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Modern gray minimal living room

#6 Keep a simple color palette.

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Scandinavian shelf living room interior

#7 Paint your story with displaying your favorite magazines.

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Small living apartment kitchen

#8 Mix form and function through furniture pieces.

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Decorate using the Swedish mindset of keeping things “lagom” – not too little, not too much

Design by Joanna Laajisto Photo Mikko Ryhänen | Design Studio 210

#9 Style your coffee table with candles, plants and your favorite books about Scandinavia.

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Folkhem / Photo - Petra Bindel | Design Studio 210

#10 Use light wood flooring to give a feeling of light and space.

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calming interior design

#11 Decorate with natural elements.

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Pastel interior design

#12 Add vintage elements to your space for a more unique feel against your Ikea furniture.

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Scandinavian living room idea

#13 Add your favorite objects on your window sills.

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Scandinavian living room floating shelves

#14 Display your most loved and inspiring items on a shelving system.

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Scandinavian living rooms are characteristic of spaces with ample lightneutral materials and clean lines

Scandinavian interior living roombrick wall

#15 Get your hands on an apartment with brick walls, if you can.

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Swedish Interior apartment

#16 Add a dining nook area in your living room if you do not have a separate room for it.

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Scandinavian living room design

#17 Use simple lighting like this light bulb.

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White Scandinavian living room interior with fireplace

#18 Add a fireplace for that cozy effect.

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Dark Scandinavian bedroom interior design

Swedish Designed Farm House

#19 Let light in!

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White Scandinavian living room

#20 Invest in some wall-to-wall low cabinets.

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Use window sills for decorating inspiring objects

Norm Penthouse | Design Studio 210

#21 Lean your art on the wall, instead of hanging them.

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Scandinavian white and black living room

#22 Juxtapose white and darker elements.

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White scandinavian living room idea

#23 Add a craft area in your living room.

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Scandinavian living room ideas

#24 Add graphics on the wall.

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Scandinavian living room day bed

#25 Add a functional decorative piece like a day bed.

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Scandinavian living room idea black and white

#26 Add small dozes of pattern on cushions or art prints.

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Scandinavian living room ideas

#27 Mix and match furniture!

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Scandinavian living room ideas

#28 Oh those candles. Almost every Scandinavian design has candles around the house.

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Scandinavian living room white ideas

#29 Instead of bulky arm chairs, use other type of seating options.

Learn more about Scandianvian interior design

3 Challenges with getting the just right Scandinavian look (outside of Scandinavia)

  • Window sills are usually wider in these countries then in others. Which means that you might not fit as much wide objects and decoration on it, as some of the tips.
  • Materials used in the Nordic countries might not be suitable for your climate. Adapt material to your climate.
  • Adapt the cozy elements to the weather where you live. Example having tick blankets in a tropical climate might not be the right thing, just because it is often used in Nordic living rooms.

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