Indoor Plants – Setting The Mood With Indoor Plants

Indoor plants and herbs in Scandinavian Apartment
Indoor plants and herbs everywhere today. I love the mood of coming home on a Friday and smelling the fresh basil. The basil that will go, oh so well in our home-made pesto which will be the base for our pizza this evening. The feeling of being surrounded by green indoor plants provides me with a healthy glow of energy not only for the Friday evening but for the whole weekend. It also gives life to an apartment or home. Especially one where a simple palett has been used – something which can be seen in this inspiring apartment listed by Entrance Mäkleri.

I wouldn’t say that green plants and me are best friends – I for sure don’t have any green thumbs. I have far too many dead plants as proof (!) Even if I do, I still enjoy getting my fingers dirty. Sourcing on Pinterest after the “in” plants and talking with my friends about how they take care of their plants are also new obsessions. One of my goals this year was actually to learn much more about indoor plants and then to be able to fill our home with more of them.

How are you with green indoor plants? Do you think that they can add a specific mood in your/or a home? Would love to hear your plant story and also if you have any tips on easy to take care of plants. I would love to hear.

If you are still curios for some more green plant inspiration check out our Friday’s Read and See list below filled with green stuff. Happy Friday and weekend friends!




– If you are looking for good plant stories to read then this book looks like a good inspiration
– Wish every town had an amazing plant shop like the Le Cactus Club in Paris
– Thinking of introducing the ‘Living With Plants’ book into our book collection
– Kind of obsessing over these ceramic vases


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Herbs and indoor plants scattered on kitchen table Indoor plants and herbs covering Scandinavian kitchen Scandinavian bedroom decorated with Indoor plantsGreen indoor plants decoration Indoor plants in living room

Credit: Entrance Mäkleri / Photo – Anders Bergstedt
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