Different home decor styles explained

home decor styles

Are you looking to style your home but aren’t sure about what home décor style to follow? 

There are a number of home decor styles to choose from – which is fantastic. And there is no one who is saying that you cannot create your own decor style too with influences from different home decor styles.

A reminder though is to always keep in mind to have a home decor interior style that is unique and that has meaning to you. I in fact usually am one to not adhere to one specific style but like homes where styles and influences are juxtaposed to best suit the need, wants, and feelings of the homeowners.

I suppose that is a style as well…

But even if I am a fan of not following a style directly to the book, it is good to get a small introduction into some of the styles that there are. And we can let them act like a pure inspiration.

(There are more styles than what is listed down here, these are some that I hand-picked and usually show influences from here on the blog. I did not list holistic interior design as this is not really a style but a way method of design).

Let’s jump into it!

 Modern Mediterranean Style

The Modern Mediterranean interior style is a style focused on providing a soft, tactile and laid back feeling, in any interior. While this style might suit, more warmer – or even Mediterranean climate to give that right Med vibes. One can still incorporate a few of the style ethos which combines; nature, gatherings and relaxation and makes this into a complete serene welcoming home.

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 Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian interior style or the Nordic decor style, is a very popular style out there, and if you have found my blog, or are following my blog you know that parts of my design style come from the Scandinavian style.

This style creates a warm and welcoming feel with its comfy accents. It comes with the dominance of wood, an earthy color palette, and a massive inflow of lights. You would fall for it if you love a cozy, convenient yet elegant expression in your interior design.

Credit: Entrance Makleri

Credit: Entrance Makleri

Credit: Fantastic Frank

Credit: Entrance Makleri

Eclectic Home Decor Style

Eclectic décor is a blend of many styles. You can mix and match accessories for an eclectic home while keeping them all in harmony.

It is for you if you cannot decide on one décor style and many exciting elements of other home decor styles keep on attracting you.

Credit: Entrance Makleri

Bohemian Home Decor Style

Bohemian décor is also known as boho-chic décor that offers comfort, convenience and freedom of choice.  Bohemian décor allows you to wander across cultures while decorating your home.

You can add wall art and floor rugs with vibrant colors, rattan baskets, rattan decorative pieces, decorative wooden beads, 70s-style furniture, modish mirror frames, Buddha statues, unique vintage pieces, indoor plant pots, Ming-style vases, mini-macrame hanging planter, antique pieces, macrame coasters, crochet chair cover, and anything you love!

Phew…that list was long. But this is a style to have fun with and not for the minimalist interior fan.

Credit: Entrance Makleri

Contemporary Home Decor Style

The best part about contemporary home décor style is its simplicity and sleekness. The style is more focused on the space itself than the decor objects. 

There is a balanced use of color, texture, and decorative items. A contemporary home décor goes in accordance with trends yet makes it timeless at the same time. 

Credit: Entrance Makleri

Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern refers to a period ranging between the mid-1930s through the late 1960s that is an era known for its popularity in the interior, industrial architecture, and graphic design.

The essentials of mid-century modern interior design consist of muted tones, a combination of natural and manmade materials, graphic shapes, clean lines, a fusion of indoor and outdoor and some pops of accessories in retro colors like reds, greens, or oranges in bold designs.

Credit: Via Dezeen

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Minimalist Home Decor Style

Minimalism is all about simplicity, ease and comfort. The modern minimalist style of home décor transforms your home into an alluring and comfy living space that actually makes your home a comfort zone.

In minimalist home decor, you will find certain elements from other home décor styles. Many home décor devotees from around the world love it due to its functionality and simplicity that create a sophisticated interior design within your budget.

Credit: Design studio Untitled via Dezeen

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Industrial Home Decor Style

Industrial décor is another loved home décor style. Many home décor devotees are obsessed with those visibly exposed ceilings, steel pipes, bare brick walls, metallic lamps, rustic decorative accessories, natural color palette, barn doors, and more.

Industrial interior design comes with a dominance of all of these elements that make it widespread across the world. The luxury in industrial interior design comes with that seemingly incomplete appearance combined with lavish accessories.

Credit: Entrance Makleri

The Bottom Line

There are many home decor styles that are popular across the world. You can pick any of them and shift to any other whenever you wish since a home must truly reflect your choices. Just pick your favorite home décor style and recreate your home design the way you love it!

Happy creating!


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