Fredagsmys: Retail Design At Mica By Savvy Studio

Savvy Mica

Savvy Mica

Did you get to have some Fredagsmys yesterday? I would gladly have spent my day and evening in this contemporary jewellery shop called Mica. The space feels fun, youthful and vibrant. Even though the ‘cozy’ feel which is normally associated to the concept of Fredagsmys might be lacking here; the thought of just hanging out and grabbing new inspiration makes up for that.


Mica’s consistency in the graphic identity and interior would have made it a perfect space to study and draw inspiration from. The interior space is designed by Savvy Studio; a design studio in Mexico. The designers have created an interesting display area for the jewellery using cubed bookshelves. The inspiration behind these came from the well-known Sol Lewitt and his project called “Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes”.

savvy-mica-25 savvy-mica-26

The bookshelves and the pops of colours are what I draw inspiration from. I really like the way they used the colour on the back wall as it creates a focal point and draws the visitor inside the room. The organic feel from the placement of the bookshelves gives me a feeling of creativity that I sometimes need before a weekend.

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Credit: Savvy Mica 

Now what do you say. Would this be a space where you could see yourself hanging out on a Friday?

Fredagsmys is a Swedish word for the concept of comfort and relaxation. It has a different meaning to each Swede. It might involve the luxury of a glass of wine, candy, great food, company of your loved once, indulging in a book….. Well the imagination for what Fredagsmys means is endless and is all about ‘a feeling’.



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