Finding Inspiration From Interior Architecture

Frederic Berthier Interior Design

Frederic Berthier Interior Design

There are so many different sources and things that sparks inspiration! Something I very often find inspiration in -go figure- is Interior Architecture; and especially those where decorative elements and furnitures are left out. It simply gives me an oppurtunity to furnish a space, well… in my mind that is.

Frederic-Berthier-25 FRrederic Berthier

A space that did just that, is this gorgeous house by Frederic Berthier Arhitects. The house is designed with more sustainable practises in mind; like sourcing local materials and using specific methods and materials so to achieve low consumption of energy.

Frederic-Berthier-24 Frederic-Berthier-31

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What I fell for with this house is the summer vibe it has with the light warm color scheme, the outside area with the pool and greenery and those -must have in a summer-house one day- shutters! I am imagining this space a bit more decorative, perhaps some green plants and what about some subtle art work with shapes that also can be found in the landscape design? Uhm…what else?

Frederic-Berthier-30 Frederic-Berthier-33 Frederic-Berthier-34 Frederic-Berthier-35 Frederic-Berthier-36 Frederic-Berthier-37

Credit: Frederic Berthier 



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