Creatives Stay For Free In Stockholm

Yes,that’s right!

Creative Inn is a concept of the clothing brand –Elvine– where creatives are welcome to stay and enjoy the city without paying for accommodation {!}.

So who gets to stay then one can wonder? Well they don’t bother so much with your ‘title’ it’s more what the reason for your visit is that’s intriguing to them. They also state on the web page that they are particularly interested in people who are visiting with an intention to collaborate with local artists.

Apparently Scandic Malmen in Stockholm is collobarting with them, and the images that I’m showing here today are all from Creative Inn at Malmen.

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I’m sure lucky I found this gem over at Anthology. It’s such a genius marketing idea for Elvine. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Have you?

  • Ja visst är det. Glömde att nämna att man kan se vilka som stannat där för dom har bloggat på Creative inn bloggen.

    Åh tack så mycket 🙂

  • Väldigt häftigt!

    Gillar nya looken på din blogg! 🙂

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