A Home In Amsterdam By i29

This is a single-family apartment, 150 square meters to be precise. It has been designed to suit a family of four. Its concept is clear and concise: an open and spacious apartment, that’s easy to maintain and pleasing to the eye. Its playfulness can be seen in the laser cut panels that’s been used to fill major functions as covering the floor to ceiling cabinets as well as framing the kitchen, which resulted in an interesting focal point from that view.

  • Credit: i29 /Images are press material

It’s amazing to see what great designers can achieve by using simple materials as pinewood and white spray paint.

I’m really loving the interior architecture of this space, and I think it’s mostly because of the holes in the panels and how that has been used throughout the design scheme.

Space + amazing photos + a keen eye for detail: that’s what their aim was, right? And in my opinion I really feel that i29 stayed true to their companies identity when executing this family’s ‘dream home’.

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What do you feel? Is this a successful design?

  • It's screaming out for a big splash of colour somewhere, a wall or flooring, to counteract the starkness of the rest. Something fluffy could do it to.

  • Matt: yeah I'm with you on that. I love the interior architecture bit of it. But the decoration feels cold, and sterile as you said.

    I can see various of options to soft it up without distracting the focal point. Maybe a warmer hue on the wall? Different flooring?

  • Lots of things to admire in this design, however despite the cool cut out panel, which I love, doesn't this place just look too sterile and lifeless?

  • Hej Sofia. Tackar så mycket 🙂

    Detsamma ha en bra dag!

  • Tack för din fina kommentar! Och detsamma, underbar blogg!

    Ha en härlig dag!

  • Hey Linda 🙂 Thanks for commenting…love hearing your opinion.

    Yey another fan of i29 it seems like 🙂

    I love your choice of wording for those cut-outs: 'freaky' 🙂 It's indeed different and something I would never really expect to find when walking through a door to a home.

    But isn't that what makes this space so unique though? Like, something we haven't seen before?
    I would love attending a house party there, what a great conversation piece 😉

  • So many things to love – the colours (white is tops for me), the large sliding doors, the cutouts (freaky, but they work for this space), the simple staircase – and I just love the line-up of the kitchen jars. No – you're not crazy. Great find (-:

  • angie: I'm so happy that you also liked this. No comments, so I thought I was crazy for liking this 🙂

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