Creative Office: Hecker Guthrie



I am excited to start this week with a creative office from multidisciplinary design firm, Hecker Guthrie. It is based in Melbourne with 17 workers.

They are a talented group who know their design principles and elements. We can see that in this project. And of course, in their own studio space.


Okay where shall we start? Did you see the glass baluster around the stairs? Love those! The space itself seems rather narrow. But the different floor levels are built so that plenty of light comes through. Excellent! For some people light is an important aspect of staying creative. I also like the material choice; raw finishes together with glass balances well with woods.

The meeting room is one of my favourite rooms. There is a sophistication in there that I admire. The space also speaks an informal feel through details such as curved chairs, leaned presentation boards and those overlooking lamps.

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Credit: Hecker Guthrie. Photo by Shannon McGrath

With these photos I feel more energized for the coming work week. Perhaps they inspired you as well? If you are interested to see some more images from Hecker Guthrie’s office take a look at these photos from ‘Where They Create.



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