Books On Coffee Table No. 1

Coffee table books

Coffee table books
Coffee table books

Credit: 1.Building With Light   2.The Things That Matters   3.Hay   4.Interior Design Materials And 
Specifications   5.Photography About Architecture 

Never judge a book by its cover, the saying goes. I must confess, I do! A well designed book cover makes my heart skip a beat. Inspires me. Visually engages me. I am constantly looking for new coffee table books to put on display. But wait! What are nice covers without a matching table? I figured I could combine well-designed books with a coffee table and dream away of its setting. Here on the blog.

Lets start with the table. It is of white laminate with a plywood edge. Designed by Leif Joergensen for Hay. Shall we put the Building With Light book on it? The whitish filter, and shapes on the cover goes well with the form of the table. I am also imagining the binding of Nate Berkus book being there. To complement the plywood color I would probably opt for the Interior Design Materials and Specifications cover. Which by the way is a good read. Oh and then there is Paul Ott’s book; muted in colour!

I suppose that is it for now. Lets have some fun with Books On Coffee Tables next week.  Let me know what suggestions for nice book covers you have.



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