AD Agency In London

Did you check out my post yesterday about FIDM in San Diego: designed by Clive Wilkinson? Not to be monotonous but I had to show this Advertising Agency called Mother, designed by the same architecture firm.

Look at that workstation. Plenty of space to cut, paste, draw plus even room for a random ‘day dream nap’. Perfect right?

What’s really making this space extra special to me is the vibe I get from looking at these images; doesn’t it feel like this agency would be tons of fun to work at? All I’m thinking of is creative chats with coworkers, comfortable spots to discuss plus all that space around you that lets you breath and think on your own. Just ideal to me that is!

Credit: Clive Wilkinson -Photo byAdrian Wilson & Francisco Radino

I’m really becoming a fan of Clive Wilkinson, did you know that they also designed the Disney store headquarters? Have a look for yourself here; it’s really a fun space.

  • Härligt med alla Marimekko-tyger i den övrigt strama miljön.

  • Hey Carol 🙂 Yey I'm glad you like it! I promise you, you won't go short on inspiration in Wilkinsons portfolio 🙂

  • Hey Linda sweet! Yeah they are 🙂 loll you make me laugh, that's funny. 'Your' rolling pens on that big desk would indeed be a problem :p

  • Wow .. those light fittings are gorgeous aren't they!! Yes, I agree, a super fun place to work. The size of the desk would freak me out – my pens tend to always roll away from me on my desk – here they would roll all the way to the middle … hahahahah

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