Products: Brown + Beige + Gray

1. Thank You Cards from the Pawling Print Studio Via Supermarket    2. Geo Wallpaper from EllaDoran   3. urbnCal 2011 Copenhagen from Jollygoodfellow Via Supermarket   4. Upgrade Cs/3338 Design by Giorgio Soressi from Calligaris   5. Deerhead from    6. Kiko Stool By Porada from Urbansuite   7. Teak Dining Table from Hudson Furniture Inc 

These are some of my favorite products from last week. I’m really into gray, beige and browns preferable together with a crisp color such as blue.

  • Pawling print studio : Thanks for your sweet comment 🙂 And again, I love your work….:)

  • thanks for including our thank you cards! what a beautiful blog =)

  • Hey Eleni 🙂 I'm with you on that the Geo wallpaper is fantastic. Have a look at the link and you'll see more on that wallpaper 🙂

  • I love the EllaDoran wallpaper! It's so unique, I wonder how the 3d effect would look in real life.

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