Open Shelves

Credit: deko -Photo by Morten Holtum

Open shelves is like ‘interior porn‘ to me. The fact that I can view my stunning dining ware at all time is very appealing to me.

On the other hand, from a sanitizing point of view, the dining wares tend to get dusty if left out all time.

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Do you have open shelves? Any points on this would be much appreciated 🙂

  • Sorry I know I'm seven months late on my comment but I dug through this blog just for these kitchen shots. Open shelves are for what you use too often to get dusty, cabinets are for what you don't. The trick is to cook six nights a week.

  • yeah they do…I have a cat so I think I'm putting the idea of open shelves in the kitchen aside for now.

  • I have the same dillema, open shelves look soo nice but I would dare them as they seem tricky to keep clean..

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