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Design Studio 210 Blog Travels Helsinki

Design Studio 210 Blog Travels Helsinki


Drum rolls friends…our new blog design is up and running. We love change, and with that we thought – hey why not change the design of the blog. A more user friendly blog which still reminds us of the old blog, just what we wanted. Also the blog is showing much better (no comparison can be made) on the mobile.


Blog Design Set Up

The design blog set up is kept similar to what was before – we focus on interior, art & photography, travel spaces and chatting with creative people which inspire us. We are super excited to take this new journey with the blog and hope that you will want to join us.


Blog Pages

We worked on some new pages for the site (a few more will be added end of the year) – so far we have the collection of our awesome creatives who took the time to talk to us over on the Interview Page. There is also our 101 Design page – where we collected all our Sweet Home blog posts, and also sharing some of my own design tips and tricks from working as a design consultant.

Speaking of me and experiences, I tried to make a new About Me Page, but it is still under-going….not as easy as some bloggers make it seem. What shall I write about? What do you want to know? I suppose adding that I am obsessed with blogging, design and that I love hanging out with family and friends, including our furry very much cuddly German shepherd might not be interesting enough?


Subscribe, Comment and Connect

After a wish from a reader we now made it much easier to subscribe to our blog, so if you do not want to miss a post from us, this is the way to go. We also added comments back to our pages – we are super excited to get your tips and tricks you have gained from your interior projects. Let’s keep the inspiration growing!


Also I wish to shout out a thank you, to You for reading the blog and supporting us on our social media pages. A huge thank you to our design friends who over the years have supported our design blog and Design Studio 210. I am also waving a hello to an important part of the team, our IT guy…my inspiration, life partner and travel buddy.



Interaction and knowledge are key for growth – Anna Caroline


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