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How adorable: Sofia over at Midnight Friday gave me a Blog Award…Thank you so much sweet. This type of recognition really inspires me. On top of this award she wants me to nominate 5 others plus state 5 random facts about me {hmm this will be hard since I normally share mostly everything in this blog openly. I will give it a go though>>>>>}

– I love grocery shopping or just walking around supermarkets.

– I don’t like flying, but I love the ‘process of traveling’ {Does this even make sense?}
– I spent 5 years living and working in Malta: a tiny and beautiful island.

– I am very good at organizing things: sometimes too much. At times I turn out to be fed up of a task before even getting to it, all thanks to that detailed, organized pre-work {erm…}
– When I get into something I do it with a passion.

Hmm I suppose that’s it…Thanks again Sofia :D

My nominees will be added later on ;)

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  • wow, is that malta in the bottom picture? I love these appartments, they feel like treehouses in a brick tree.

  • Hey Jokemijn

    Yes, that picture is from Malta from the capital called Valletta.

    That's how the 'old' style apartments look like :) Same colored or multi-colored balconies.

    It is such an historical place and a lot of the old buildings are still preserved until today. A few fell apart during the world war 2.

    If you want I can upload some more photos from there. I love shooting photos over there and I can't wait to be back this autumn: hopefully with a better camera ;)

    You can also visit for inspiration.

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