On The Wall: Wang Yuanling

Caroline Broman
Wang Yuanling

Wang Yuanling

Wang Yuanling’s work is worth mentioning a second time, right? I already posted some of his photos a while back. Seeing these photos – again- is like; seeing them for the first time. They intrigue me!

Wang Yuanling Wang Yuanling

There are so many things with his photos that I like. The colour palette is serene. The fog creates a mysterious and soothing feel. The landscapes are beautiful and exotic to me. Speaking of the landscapes; It is said that Wang mostly shoots settings in his hometown; where he grew up and still lives. Wow! His city looks exciting and inspiring.

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Wang Yuanling Wang Yuanling

Credit: Carte Blanche and Wang Yuanling

If you are interested to purchase his art, you can find it on Carte Blanche’s online gallery.

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