On The Wall: Illustrator Stina Persson

Art by Stina Persson | Design Studio 210

Art by Stina Persson | Design Studio 210



Illustratations; an art form which fascinates me! Perhaps this fascination is because I secretly wish I could draw something worth looking at. Ok well enough of me…and back to the artist of this gorgeously painted elephant – Stina Persson. Stina is currently based in Stockholm but has previous to that spent a few years living in New York City.

With an extensive portfolio and with clients like Coca Cola, Target, Elle UK and Nylon magazine amongst some, you might already have stumbled upon her work. Myself I came across her art during one of my late Pinterest searches.



Art by Stina Persson | Design Studio 210

‘Never look back’


Art by Stina Persson | Design Studio 210

‘INK Levis Curve’


What attracts me to her illustrations, is the boldness she uses through some of her lines. Combine those with the diffused and ‘uncompleted feel’ that some of her water colour strokes conveys and you have that handcrafted –imperfection makes perfect– kind of look that I love. I can easily see her art pieces in a refined interior setting where the focus is put on a few simple art pieces on a wall – they are the perfect complement to a sophisticated yet feminine interior setting.

Wish to learn more about this talented artist; see below for our four quick ‘On The Wall’ questions.



The feeling of creating something with your hands is very inspirational […], I find. – Stina Persson for DS210



Art by Stina Persson | Design Studio 210


Art by Stina Persson | Design Studio 210





Where do you find inspiration to your art?


I am inspired by urban street life as well as the organic shapes in nature. But first and foremost I get my inspiration from flea markets, thrift stores, old movies and magazines.

A new drawing could begin in the finding of a cool 70’s scarf or a woman’s stare in a strange turn of the century photograph. Luckily I live and work in a neighborhood where there are as many thrift stores as there are supermarkets. The feeling of creating something with your hands is very inspirational too, I find.



How would you define your style?


Hand drawn, hand painted, cut and glued, and when necessary, digitally enhanced. Striving to find beauty in the imperfect. I try to give classic illustration a contemporary feel.


Can you name three artists that you admire the work of? 


The brush strokes of Jenny Saville even if the subject matter is a bit too brutal at times, the delicate drawing and sculptures of Alberto Giacometti, and the dreamy almost abstract work of my former teacher Meri Bourgard. (and my illustrator collegues Tina Berning, Sara Singh and Cecilia Carlstedt)


If you could chose any place and wall, where would you love your art to be displayed? 


Painted as large scale murals onto a New York building would feel pretty good.




We wish to thank Stina for taking time to chat with us – and wish her best of luck with her career. We are crossing our fingers that she will have one of her art works featured on a New York building one day. (I must say it, would be a neat juxtapostion between her art and an urban wall!)

Art by Stina Persson | Design Studio 210

Credit: Stina Persson


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