Letterpress Calender By Ink+Wit

Sweet and talented Tara of Ink+Wit sent me press images of her new calender. And of course I’m not slow to share them here with you.

I think they are lovely. The fact that they aren’t so overpowering, and very subtle makes them very attractive to me. This is a great example of my sweet and more balanced taste, it’s still playful but not as bold and vivid as I lately have been favoring.

Aren’t they lovely?

I think Tara is not only talented with her letterpress work but also in touching peoples life in some way or other. By reading her story behind the 2011 calender I could grasp her generous character:

I wanted to give people something to get curious about, connect to, and investigate within themselves. Animals have a way of teaching us where we are in the present moment and what we need to investigate, let go of, and explore in life. Through their visits, we can look deeper within ourselves and perhaps solve some puzzles. Or, simply enjoy their presence and beauty.


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