‘Clouds’: A Fabric Tile System

Credit: Kvadrat

These lovely ‘clouds‘ are in my ‘gotta incorporate in a design scheme’ folder. Don’t you get so inspired just by looking at them?

This is a system that has endless opportunities, that creates a three dimensional effect resulting in a dreamy sculptural focal point. I love it!

Read more about clouds and the designer duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec here.

  • design traveller:Yeah, graphic is a great word to use for the white one. Nice 🙂

    What about the orange one, too bold?

    Oh btw, please let me know if you find it incorporated in a design scheme 🙂

  • Maria 🙂 Tack fina…jag gillar dina också.

  • Hey Charlotta 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your opinion. Wow blogging is so much fun 😀

    That house will come 😉 And if you ever get it, e-mail me some pics of that beauty hanging from the ceiling. I might just move in with ya hehe I would lay one the floor every day and admire it.Hmm okay this sounds pretty scary…:I

    It seems like you are not the only one favoring the white one. It's my favourite too, but I'm also really drawn to the orange one.

  • Linda: :)) Expect an essay coming your way soon :p

    Valery Lorenzo: Yes, wow, hehe I love it! Who knows maybe they drew inspiration from this?!Thanks for sharing the link Valery since I would have been a little lost otherwise 🙂 Not very good with flowers.

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog 🙂 It truly means the world to me.

  • the white one looks best, lighter and graphic 🙂

  • Wonderful! I love them. Though the coloured 'clouds' are magnificent I have a real crush on the white one. Now I just need a fabulous big house with a double spaced ceiling to hang it in..! 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

    x Charlotta

  • (-: to this post and (-: to you linking me in your other post.

    thankyou super lovely anna caroline!!

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