Whitewash By Nicholas Alan Cope

Caroline Broman
Whitewash by Nicholas Alan Cope

Whitewash by Nicholas Alan Cope

These are some inspiring press images from Nicolas Alan Cope’s book Whitewash which will be released in April by Powerhouse Book publishing company. They sent me these images a couple of weeks ago and I could not wait to add these minimalistic and graphical beauties here.

Whitewash by Nicholas Alan CopeWhitewash by Nicholas Alan Cope

“Nicholas Alan Cope’s photographs evoke a unique vision of Los Angeles and its contrasts as seen exclusively through its everyday architecture. Searching for the sublime core of the city’s true nature, Cope strips away the extraneous, and focuses on the sheer beauty and simplicity of the cityscape.” (-powerHouse Books) Reading this makes me understand its intenseness in black and pureness of whites. As this allows the viewer to focus clearly on the lines and form of the buildings without much distraction.

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Whitewash by Nicholas Alan CopeWhitewash by Nicholas Alan Cope

Credit: Whitewash by Nicholas Alan Cope, published by powerHouse Books

The cover of the book would make it a suitable coffee table book. I was also glad to see that the layout inside the book possess a similar minimalistic feel like the photos. Now I have added yet another, wish to have book on my list.

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