On The Wall: Arjan Janssen

Caroline Broman
Arjan Janssen - Zonder titel -

 Arjan Janssen - Zonder titel -

I wanted to share with you this talented artist called Arjan Janssen. I originally stumbled upon Arjans art work while sourcing art for my On The Wall album on Pinterest. After a nice e-mail conversation, I am even more excited to show these sketches.

Arjan Janssen - Zonder titel

What I fell for with the art was the minimalistic approach that has been taken. This goes for both the paintings and how the portfolio is displayed. What strikes me with the art is its geometrical expression and how well the different elements are balanced. The artist in fact describes the art work as “abstract-geometric“. A simple and sweet description, don’t you think?

Arjan Janssen - Zonder titel

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I would personally gladly hang any of these sketches on my new walls. They would work brilliantly with the muted kitchen scheme, but at the same time bring that visual interest and serenity that I am craving. The abstract feel will give my guests and myself, an opportunity to dive into a world of mystery. Oh and the sketches would look really nice with those green plants I am craving.

Arjan Janssen - Zonder titel

Credit: Arjan Janssen

If you have a chance make sure to visit Janssen’s online portfolio. I assure you, you will not leave uninspired.

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