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I’m excited to see that Manuel Navarro,-an Interior Designer and bloggerdedicated a post about my sense of style.

-Thank you so, so much. This is definitely a self-esteem booster.

I need to give this type of recognition back to him: his style is impeccable. I’m hooked on his blog; and daily curios about following his inspiration and life. His Interior work is splendid! I particularly enjoy the way he’s approaching design: his esthetic goes far longer than within ‘the Interior Design brackets’. I’m eagerly waiting to see where his Master degree in Interior Design takes him.

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  • you are way too sweet! thank you so much! maybe i should head over to sweden! i am half swedish, half mexican! i also live in the swedish neighborhood of chicago! my mom's parents had a swedish home furnishings store… tre kroner in the states for many years. i went off on a tangent but thank you for your kind words!

  • You are so welcome.

    Oh wow, that's interesting. Oh a Swedish community: that's interesting. How does that differ from the rest? {weird question maybe , but just curious}

    So you have been around decor and design for sometime now :)

    My other half is Mexican, at the moment we are back in San Diego; living in a Mexican community. Unfortunately he is staying overhere while I'm heading back to our home in Sweden: a job offer was too tempting.
    We really hope to visit Chicago in the near future: would love to get some info where I can find this 'Swedish community'? :)

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