Sweet Home: Finding A Sofa

We are in a need of a comfortable sofa that has optional headrest. A bonus would be if it also was a sofa bed. After having sourced the island the past weeks I came to realize that companies over here rarely stock sofas in showrooms. Which means that I will be buying a sofa without having ‘tested it out’. Hmm I am not sure how I feel about this.

So far we have found one that meets our needs: it is the Oslo sofa (1) by Nicoletti home. It is super comfortable and has the headrest that my other half wish for.

Have you bought a sofa without trying out its comfort?

1. Nicoletti Home   2. Muuto   3. i 4 Mariani   4. MDF Italia   5. Ego Zeroventiquattro   6. Bo Concept   7. Bo Concept   
8. Bo Concept



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