Showing Some Blove Love: List #04

I finally caught up on reading blogs, so that means; showering some blog love on some fantastic people and their inspiring blogs. Highlighting a bloggers effort is truly a bliss. We all should be doing this a little bit more, don’t you think?

This week has been a great week for me and my blog. Sweet Eleni of My Paradissi gave me a stylish blog award; adorable. Helena of Room and Serve included me in her blog list. Another fantastic Swedish blogger: Sandra from Inspirera Mera included me in her list of blogs worth reading….:))

Thanks girls!

Now, I’m curios to hear your blog tips?

Next weekend there will be some other blogs highlighted. See previous lists here.

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  • Thanks for the tips. I found few new blogs to read! My favorites are definitely Finnish Weekdaycarnival and Swedish Lotta Agaton.

  • Nena: You're welcome. Oh yeah Lotta's blog is inspiration heaven. The first one a; Finnish Weekday Carnival it sounds familiar, but need to look into that one. Thanks :)

  • Hi!

    I am giving you a Stylish Blog Award!

    I am afraid it comes with a few too many rules, so I kind of did what I felt like.
    You are suppose to send a link back to me, write 7 things you like+ give the award to 15 blogs on your blog list.. I am giving the award to only one, good blog, and that's yours!


  • Concept Interiors: Henrietta you are just too sweet. Thanks love.

  • Thank you so much for including me amongst these lovely blogs!! And for featuring my prints :-)

  • Girls you are fantastic, so it was truly fun to highlight your blogs. Keep up the great works :)

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