Inspired By This

Credit:1. Solid Frog/Mia Linnman Found Via Trendenser  2. Boligmagasinet -Photo by Morten Hollum  
3. Boligmagasinet -Phoe by Morten Hollum   4. Santokivintage Via Etsy   5. Alma Design


Happy Creative Monday to you! Let’s make this week one to remember. I’m still eagerly searching for a new little nook, with a more open floor-plan than I have. But I’m thinking of waiting since I might be moving town end of this year. Patience, I’m told….I’ve got non I feel.

So, how fantastic wouldn’t a light and airy apartment be, where one could place amazing artwork or just simple posters, definitely in wood frames {1}. A few touches of orange to bring in the zesty flavors that kindly don’t compete with the blond wood. Oh, and the brick wall is a must have detail. {2}. And since I can never decide on where to hang my favorite framed pieces I might just lean them by the wall, for that relaxed look I crave {3}. Mexican leather objects will nicely decorate the apartment {4}. And lastly those simple terracotta pots are perfect to me. A green simple organic plant, preferable a herb, would make a good couple {5}.

This is what I’m inspired by. A little bit different from last week, don’t you think? What images/things are driving you a little bit extra insane?

  • Sofia: Håller med dig. Visst påminner det lite om en 'Shuji screen'?

  • hey liz

    You are welcome 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

  • Great ideas, thanks for the post!

  • Hihi 😉