Illustrations By Jen Collins

Credit: Jen Collins 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5

Charming and inspiring illustrations by Jen Collins.  She can be found on her blog and on etsy.

Found this talent thanks to Mallory McInnis on Pinterest.

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  • So cute. Thank you for your comment. How is everything going?

  • Oh I love these illustrations, and most of all the "Friend Companion.." one!

  • Hey Julie Sweet :) Oh I'm so glad you like them. She does really charming work :)

    I'm doing good thanks. Still studying *phew* but loving every second of it. Trying to get back into blogging again as it's a great time waster to the day hihi. Perfect when I'm now, sort of living alone :)

    How are things with you?

    So nice that you left me a comment :) Miss chatting with you.

  • Hey Anna :)

    Yey :) It touched my heart too, adorable.

    Oh I'm glad you left a comment. Your blog is fantastic :) Gotta look more into it tonight.

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