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Images borrowed from Magdalena by approval

I wanted to share with you, I received an email from Magdalena, who I must say except her great talent is adorable.

Remember my previous posts on her project 1/project 2? I had asked if anyone knew which fonts she used in project 2 {Empty Paper Bags Becomes Origami} and she was kind enough to answer this herself. She used a version of Caslon. I am extremely thrilled that she took her time to give me some hints on fonts. All the best to her!

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  • Tack snälla du för att du bryr dig! Jag lovar att maila om jag behöver prata. Just nu känns det rätt okej, bara så träligt att gå till jobbet varje dag. Men jag hoppas få fem dagar ledigt from fredag, så nu ser jag fram emot det! TACK igen! Värmer så! Kram

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