A Small Living Solution: Moveable Kitchen units

Recall I mentioned earlier today about a kitchen perfect for small living? Well here it is: ‘20 Square Meters of Floor by Swedish Fredrik Ohlen‘.

What’s interesting, and makes him an excellent designer, is that Fredrik is addressing the current issues in the world such as increased population in cities and environmental issues. By taking those factors into consideration he created a recycled and moveable kitchen that can be adapted as the need occurs.

His aim is to: ‘[…] create a kitchen that can be modified as needed; a kitchen that helps you separate your trash and reduce the amount of wasted food, a kitchen that takes up less space and uses the space in a more efficient manner.’-Fredrik Ohlen. 

I’m excited to follow the design journey of Fredrik, I believe he is trying to get some strong points across. I wish him the best of luck in promoting this outstanding kitchen. I’m already envisioning it in an interior setting and I believe it could work really well if used properly. I also strongly am for the flexibility.Who knows, maybe this is what all small apartments should have; when you move, you bring your own with you. Therefor you can safely invest in such a product….{hmm, just a thought}

Again, I would gladly like to know your opinion on this: do you think that this type of free-standing kitchen has a chance to compete with the fixed once? Would you consider purchasing one like this?

  • Yeah, please let me know if you find anything similar to this 🙂

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