Sweet Home: A Different Type Of Living

Dwell / Photo - Drew Kelly | Design Studio 210

Dwell / Photo - Drew Kelly | Design Studio 210

Have you ever seen a home and said, how did they come up with that? I have talked to many where ideas, like this one for example seems to be out of their mind. “I would never have come up with a concept like that”, I have heard. Let’s stop there. Never say never and yes you can!

Dwell / Photo - Drew Kelly | Design Studio 210Dwell / Photo - Drew Kelly | Design Studio 210

All you need to do is come up with a design concept. Secondly find materials and elements that corresponds to that specific concept. And if you are in to having a design with unexpected elements, think deeper than you might have done the first time around.

Like this family did. They clearly needed to create enclosures within their large loft. They could have opted to make a ‘normal room’ with industrial touches, but instead placed some containers in the open space. The containers connect with the overall thinking of it being that industrial and artistic loft that it seems to be. Playing around with ideas like this can give the space a playful and organic feel. It also functions as a reminder to you and your family to always be creative and ‘think outside the box’ -now if there is such a thing like a ‘box’-.

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Dwell / Photo - Drew Kelly | Design Studio 210

Credit: Dwell / Photo - Drew Kelly



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