Raw Design Studio + Fab. Whiteboard

Credits 1, 2, 3 /Images Borrowed By Approval From Raw Design Studio

In my quest to find ‘the’ perfect, creative office environment, I stumbled upon the space of Raw Design Studio, via MadeByGirl who by the way had found it through ‘The office stylist‘.

This studios creativity shows through both in the interior as well as in their design work. Raw Design Studio please hire me; just so that I can be apart of your creative space.

I’m all for the idea about incorporating a big whiteboard into an office as such, since it’s the perfect place to brainstorm. Actually I could do with one in my ‘future’ office space one day, since I’m embarrassed to admit {and something I’m working hard on}: I’m wasting too many papers when I work on concepts.

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Anyone got any tips on where to find other offices that inspire creativity?


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