One bedroom apartment

A one bedroom apartment that has been decorated with a feminine and stylish tone to set the atmosphere of living in the ‘city’, -as the title of these photos were called: ‘One room and the city’.

I am especially drawn to the balcony: its composition. They way they have placed the objects is probably intentional to bring the inside out, and therefor adding the illusion of; inside living space.

Images borrowed from Sköna Hem by approval

These images leaves me with a fresh- and feminine feeling: the feeling of being successful and living on a good street in a big city.

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  • Hey! Good to see you're back! Hope you are all well and that your weekend will be great!

  • Hi, looks so great in there! I do agree, balconies are great when you live in the city. Especially that I can not really use mine now, a huge building is being build opposite the street… I hope they will finally finish before summer.

  • HI! long time…. I particularly like the table and chairs. Perfect setting for some tea and a quiet afternoon chatting with a friend. Hope you are well.

  • Hey guys! :)

    Design traveller: Oh, bummer. I know the feeling of that. I had that happening to me in a property I had purchased years ago.

    Orange Sugar Home: Hey sweet. Yes, indeed too long time ago. I am doing well thanks. I love this space as well, looks like the perfect apartment for a woman who strives for balance in her home.

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