May Month – Create a Home That Inspires Change

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Hey all, and a warm welcome to May. And my first month where we will have a theme on DesignStudio210.

Every month I will start off by summing up what we will cover during the month from a theme perspective. The theme will be tied into our core mission of sharing meaningful design stories and to discover the true meaning behind a design story. I will also be sharing with you what is inspiring me at the moment, what I am looking to discover, and also reflect back on last month.

This month focus will continue to be about design stories around “create a home that inspires change“.

With last months story on how creating a vision board and then manifesting it through your home can help you to create the lifestyle you want for yourself. I want to continue to discover this topic in May as well.

Outside of this, we have some super inspiring artist interviews scheduled for this month, and I am also sharing some creative business tips during the month. Something that I have been wanting to do for some time now. Which hopefully inspires.

Inspired By

  • The power of visualization
  • Appreciating the nature and the details in nature around where one lives
  • Connecting and having creative talks with creative people

Discovery List

See Also
Light pink kitchen walls with warm woods

  • I will continue to use Skillshare as last month. I am listening to their courses a few times a week. They are also doing different workshops that you can sign up to if you are a subscriber. I really recommend this, if you have around 14 Euro to spend on knowledge monthly.
  • Will try out this meditation app called Headspace. Heard from friends, many good things about it. Can be found here Android and iOS.
  • Brain focus – A time management app that focuses on the Pomodoro method. Where you break down your work in intervals of 25 min. I promise, this stuff actually works! Free app can be found here Android.

Design Studio 210 April Stories

Top 3 Tips Collected From Interviews

  • Find your inspiration
  • Put your heart in it and try to express yourself 
  • Work hard. Work hard. Work hard. And ….work hard

    Thank you @aga.kaluzna for this.

Stay safe and creative!


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