Magical Interior Settings

You know those blissful, inspiring interior images that puts a smile to your face? They are perfect, but you can’t seem to pin-point what it is exactly that makes them so special. Maybe they can be described as magical? Hmm, or maybe that’s too cheesy?!

Well cheesy or not, this home gives me just that feel: it gives me a rush of fulfillment, youthfulness and even hope. Now If I knew a way to change life with the owners, only for a day, that would be pretty amazing. A clue: writer + painter + traveller + I suppose that’s giving it all away…opsi, see more here.

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Vilket fantastiskt hem, eller hur? På tal om något helt annat: skulle ni vilja ha en liten översättning eller liknande på Svenska? Jag har ju hittills helt och hållet bloggat på engelska, men det känns nästan som att det vore spännande att skriva några rader på svenska också. Ja hmm….det tål att tänkas på, men väntar och ser vad ni tycker :)

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  • holy moly! this is an amazing post and space!!! love it! hope you are doing well!

  • manuel! Great to hear from you. Aw thanks :)) I'm doing well thanks. What about yourself? School?

  • hehe, hilarious! Humour is definitely missing from our department a lot..
    btw, the workspace in the second photo is stunning! I love..

  • Hey Eleni. hihi :p ….agreeing with you, fab space. Oh and I love the chairs.

    Big hug!

  • I'm loving the chairs! They look simple and comfortable!

  • Tesol: I'm with you on that!!

    Fonda: Yey me too :)

  • Hey Kostas: Agree with you. I would change my place for that any day ;)

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