I Want To Live Like This When I’m A Grown-Up

Credit: Style At Home found Via The Art Of Doing Stuff

I’m jealous and inspired of this bloggers home. A woman with style, right?

  • Henriette: hihi true. I feel like I'll never really grow up :))

    Oh, now I'm curios. I would love to see your home 🙂

    Oh that's great. Good luck with the bathroom…so exciting; with a mountain cottage. The shower is truly unique in its own way. Inspiring for sure.

  • yes, but when will we ever grow up?
    I am definitely not having a "parents style "home!But, this house is really pretty, and got some good details.
    I am designing a bathroom for our new cabin in the mountains, and I love the shower here, so simple and romantic:)

  • Couldn't agree more! The mix&match pieces and the color palette is stunning!. Every piece seems unique and very appropriate but the result is so easy going and effortless! I love it!

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