Hot In Design: Marble It Up And Pyke Interior Design With Marble via DesignStudio210

Credit: Arent & Pyke / Photo – Anson Smart



Let’s talk Marble – okay so it might not be the hottest thing or newest thing in design, but it is truly a hot ‘it’ material for us. The beauty of this natural material and the veins which takes on a dance by itself – is just organic and lovely. There is something very pure and luxurious about this stone. It can come polished, honed and sandblasted among some leaving the same material and type of stone still never looking the same.

Many articles and photo albums have been created about Marble over the years. Marble has after many years been brought back in to life and incorporated in to some cool interior settings – which usually gives the designs a sleek and timeless feel.

Marble is a material that we of course would have loved for our own apartment, but truth is that it is not the best suiting material for a messy chef. Of course being a messy chef or not does not stop me from admiring all beautiful designs with marble in them. There is no wonder why this material has been so popular for many years. Set in to a very clean setting the marble really gets the opportunity to shine and somehow tell its own story without being over powering or not connected to its surrounding objects. This is why marble is – hot in design.



Fiona Lynch Interior Design Via DesignStudio210

Credit: Arent & Pyke / Photo – Anson Smart






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Not ready to commit fully to the marble trend or perhaps the budget it not there? Why not incorporate some marble like these objects below in to your home for that added feel. Let us know which one is your favorite.



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