Fredagsmys {Friday Snuggles}

It’s Friday: Happy Weekend to you! Any plans?

I’m busy this weekend, but today is all about relaxation. Trying to remind myself to calm down once in a while. So I’m thinking of watching a movie {any suggestions?}, lighting some candles {Granit}and snuggling down with a soft blanket {Ikea} on the oh so pricey but stylish sofa {Svenssons}. I’m adjusting the lights as I want the mood to be calm, but playful so I use these bulbs {Granit}. I’m loving my new carpet {Ikea}, the poster {Typographic Posters/Design:Sebastian Correa} and not to forget my mascot: the monkey {Svenssons/Design: Kaj Bojesen }.Now what wall color should I have picked?

Sadly this is not my living room, but instead an illusion. I figured I should play with rooms and products more here on the blog, so from now on every Friday there will be something called ‘Fredagmys’ {Friday Snuggle}.

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Decorative round wall lights above kitchen bench

If you’re not Swedish, then you’ve just learnt a new Swedish glossary 😉 Oh and the meaning? It basically means friday snuggles: where we relax, catch a movie, eat candy {Swedes eat tons of candy}, hmm well you get the point I think 🙂 So prepare yourself for more Fredagsmys here on the blog, with me.

  • Hej, Anna!

    It is my first time to read your blog. Your blog is awesome because it is about design, especially interior design.

    I've heard how Swedes love their home so they decorate their home by themselves, e.g painting the room. And I've also heard that Swedes' home is as beautiful as the showrooms in IKEA!

    [Why I am here?]
    I am on my way to learn more about fredagsmys because I "discovered" the word yesterday.

    Then I sent an offline message to ask a Stockholmare, my language exchange partner, the meaning ot the word. She then told me the word means "mysa on friday".

    Out of my curiosity, I continue to search Fredagsmys in Google. Guess what? I landed on your page!

    After reading your blog post, I now know what fredagsmys means:

    Relax + Movie + Candies = Fredagsmys


    I also watched some videos in Youtube:

    1.The Friday Mys

    2.OLW -Fredagsmys
    (Det finns en dag då man kan andas ut..)

    Both of them are roligt : )

    [More about me]
    I am interested everything about Sweden and Swedish culture. I have been self-learning Swedish for a year.

    I like Sweden's design(IKEA), music(ABBA), foods(köttbullar, kannelbulle, samla, smörgåsbord osv). And, it's fun to learn about Sweden's holiday and festival, e.g midsommar, kanelbullens dag, våfflor dag osv. I think I am going to learn more : )

    I like your quote "Knowledge and interaction is key for growth" very much. Because I am a big believer of "not exchanging apples":

    "If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas."

    That's what I think about interaction.

    Forget to say I am from Hong Kong. So, if you have any questions about China or Chinese culture wanted to know, please feel free to ask me. It's fun to learn how people, on the other side of the world, lives.

    Trevligt att träff dig : )


  • Sandra: Åh tack Sandra. Vad gullig du är :)) Super glad blir jag nu.

    Tina: Tack så mycket 🙂 Ja det är ju för härligt med helgmys. Din lördag lät helt underbar. Själv myste jag med mor min, inte dumt det.

    Blev också sugen på lampan från Granit, men den passar inte in i lgh jag har nu. Kanonbra pris va det också.

    Hoppas du får en härlig kreativ Söndag.
    kram kram

  • Fin inspiration! Helg är härligt och idag finns inget mer än att låta gårdagens fredagsmys gå över i lördagsmys…god mat, gott att dricka och en bra film…gott så!

    Lampan från Granit bara måste jag ha….

    ha en fortsatt trevlig helg!

  • Hey Jennifer! Your pronunciation is perfect :p I'm already hearing you saying it hehe. My hubby is American and speaks Swedish with an American accent. Love it 🙂 So I'm imagining that's the way it sounds to u hihi.

    Have a nice weekend sweet and thanks for leaving a comment 🙂

  • Sounds fun! It'll be neat to see the rooms you put together. Love the word fredagsmys (although I'm sure I'm not pronouncing it correctly in my head 😉 Happy Friday!

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