Top 7 Feng Shui Indoor Plants For A Fantastic Interior

feng shui indoor plants

If you visit your local gardening store looking for something to spruce up your interior, something that brings in good fortune and attracts positive energy all while breaking the monotony of your decor — chances are you’ll be suggested feng shui indoor plants.

Feng shui is a historic Chinese belief that reflects the connection between your home and who you truly are (see our full feng shui home decor tips). And a great way to introduce this concept to your home is by growing and caring for feng shui plants.

Feng shui plants are believed to have an auspicious presence. They invite the energy of nature, inspire compassion and kindness, and have a multitude of health benefits.

In that regard, follow me through this article as we go discover the top 7 feng shui indoor that can contribute to a fantastic interior feeling.

——- I currently have 4/7 of these plants that I am doing my best not to kill 😉 With my favourites being the easy maintainable once like the snake plant.

Feng Shui indoor plants – Our Favorite List

feng shui indoor plants

Lucky Bamboo — All The Luck

Lucky Bamboo is believed to welcome good fortune and luck

It is considered a feng shui plant because its hollow structure allows for the movement of ‘Chi’ energy. This depicts the circulation of positive energy, resulting in abundance and success. 

Additionally, Lucky Bamboo is really easy to grow (slight neglect won’t kill it in case you don’t give it enough attention). 

For best results in terms of feng shui, place the plant in your workspace or wealth corner — the far left back corner when viewed from the room’s door.

feng shui indoor plants lucky bamboo

Peace Lily — Excellent Air Purifier

Peace Lily calms and harmonizes your interior while greatly improving the air quality. What’s more, it’s easy to care for and relatively affordable to purchase.

Peace Lily is considered a Feng Shui plant because it can convert negative energies to positive ones. That means it should be on the top of your list if you want to correct energetic imbalances in your home.

Place Peace Lily in your home office to witness it do its wonders. Its white, lush foliage will definitely make you fall in love at first sight!

feng shui indoor plants Peace Lily

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

feng shui indoor plants

Photo by Anna Nekrashevich from Pexels

Jade Plant — Good Wealth

Jade Plant, a beautiful succulent, symbolizes growth and renewal

It is considered a feng shui plant because its coin-shaped leaflets stimulate money energies, hence bringing fortune and good wealth. Additionally, its ability to store water depicts the storage of wealth. 

If you’re ready to welcome an influx of money — purchase a Jade plant, place it in your office or fame area (far back middle corner of the room), and allow it to attract heaps of wealth!

feng shui indoor plants


Money Tree

You might probably already have stumbled upon the money tree as being one of feng shui’s most popular plant. It is the plant that will attract wealth and growth and something I recall even my mother having in her own collection.

This medium-large stunner will be nicely located in a southwest area of your home (to benefit properly) and would look stylish on top of a planter stool.

feng shui indoor plants  money tree

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Snake Plant

Snake plant or mother-in-laws-tongue (I seriously got most of my snake plants from my mother in law) is a favorite to me for its easy care and great indoor air qualities.

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And what is also great is that according to the feng shui study, this plant acts as a protector and is therefore often seen in the hallway. Another benefit of this plant is its vibrant feel, and therefore it is suiting to have in an office setting.

According to the feng shui rules, one should avoid keeping this plant in the bedrooom (even though this is what one usually think would be a great place, due to its air quality powers). —- I need to move mine out of my bedroom, asap.

feng shui indoor snake plant

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels


This is “the” feng shui plant for providing that relaxing and chill vibe, just perfect in a lounge area or in a bedroom setting.

I will be adding this to my purchase list, as I can for sure use some of this relaxed vibe in my space.


Air purifying, easy maintainable, can be in darker areas and brings positive vibes. This is my next want plant! It summarizes everything I want to have with a plant, both look wise, feeling wise and maintenance wise.

feng shui indoor Pothos plant

Photo by Kulbir from Pexels

Feng Shui Your Home With Stunning Feng Shui Indoor Plants!

Feng shui indoor plants are a great way to allow positive energies to enter your home, mind, and soul. I hope this article has inspired you on some of the feng shui plants that you can get and that I have. And yes, some are also easy to maintain 🙂

Remember, you’re just one plant away from letting some good vibes into your home. All in that hope of creating the best home you possible can; a home that inspires you to live a creative life while reaching your dreams.

feng shui indoor plants

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


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