How To Creatively Design With Gray In Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian gray bedroom interior - Fantastic Frank via Design Studio 210

Gray Scandinavian interior, bedroom - Fantastic Frank via Design Studio 210

Gray is often used as the background color in interior design. Being neutral and muted, it is easy to decorate around and makes switching up decor very convenient.

But what if you wanted to make your entire Scandi home revolve around this color? Great idea! We love Scandinavian interior design grey projects. 

In that regard, let’s discover a multitude of ways you can use to decorate your home in gray color — the Scandinavian style.

But before we get to it, remember: use grays with similar undertones to ensure they work together coherently.


Begin With The Walls

Interior designing begins from the walls, and gray is surely a timeless classic in this regard. You can opt for warm or pale grays (that are slightly on the gray-white side) and use darker hues for the furnishing.

Alternatively, an equally attractive look can be created by painting the walls a dark gray shade. For something more unique, a green-gray color can make a statement of its own.

Graw art wall in scandiavian bedrrom - Fantastic Frank via Design Studio 210

Credit: Fantastic Frank

Credit: Entrance Mäkleri

Add Gray Furnishing

If your walls are warm gray, compliment them with a deep charcoal sectional sofa. Use dove gray curtains and a statement rug with a similar tone.

For dark gray walls, create contrast by introducing a soft gray sofa set and curtains. Bonus (read Scandinavian) points if you choose furnishings with organic shapes — shapes inspired by nature.

Credit: Entrance Mäkleri

Decorating With Gray

Introduce printed gray cushions to break the monochrome, or better yet, white-and-green botanical ones to add a pop of color (more on that in a minute). Attach abstract art to the walls to maintain the minimalist, Scandinavian look, and incorporate a bunch of stones for the ultimate gray aesthetic!

Credit: Entrance Mäkleri

Incorporate Warmth By Layering

Too much gray can make your interior feel a little too cold, and the solution here is adding warmth by incorporating texture. So, pick your favorite textured fabrics and layer them in your interior. You can do this in the form of a faux fur stool, rattan chandelier, woolen rug, or perhaps velvet curtains.

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Credit: Entrance Mäkleri

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Finally, A Burst Of Color — The Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style is about keeping balance; not too much and not too less. To balance the neutrals of the entire setup, you can add a punch of color.

And the best way to do this in Scandi style is by incorporating shades of green through houseplants. From the Swiss Cheese Plant to the Monstera Dubia, there are plenty of options to choose from!

If you are still not tired of this look, then I suggest checking out my curated list on Scandinavian interior design blogs.

Credit: Entrance Mäkleri


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