Compact- Vs Small Living?

Credit: Boligmagasinet

This living room is part of a 60 square meter ‘small’ apartment. In my world that’s not very small, since I fit my life into half of that,-27 square meter to be precise-.

My question to you is: when do you use the term Compact-/ Small Living? I have a tendency of using both interchangeably. But I’m sure there should be some sort of rule of thumb.

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Need I mention how much I love the horizontal lined book-rest? And the TV stand on wheels is just excellent for moving around.

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  • hei –
    og takktakk for dine søteste ord!
    jeg blir så glad :0)
    jeg elsker din inspirasjonsblogg –
    a lot…


  • i love the tv stand idea…i've been thinking of ways to fit a tv into our bedroom and i think this might be it! thanks a ton for sharing!

    p.s. those bookshelves are lovely too!

  • Hej Moa…:)) Varsegod. Och tackar så mycket, det gör mig verkligen super glad :)


  • Miles Of Style: Excellent :))

    I actually had something similar in my studio, but now I'm without a TV….an accident stroke: I managed to bump my wide hips in to it and it fell -opsi.

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