A San Diego Home

La Jolla in San Diego is indeed an interesting place: especially after I found this funky home featured in Dwell.

The exterior really speaks to me: it’s simple but thanks to the landscaping it really comes alive. Not to forget the ‘artwork’ which I l.o.v.e.
The feel of the exterior runs through the interior of the home: they really compliment one other.

Images borrowed from Dwellby approval

What’s not to like about it? The owner is an architect and apparently very famous around here. He has also built renting units Downtown, which I now need to check out { automatically, added to my:to visit list}.

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One thing that runs through my mind. The exterior (first photo) does really feel as it belongs here in San Diego. It reminds me of dirt and dust which both are nouns that describes some areas around here: especially the desert areas. Going totally opposite of what La Jolla stands for: a beach resort. This type of contrast appeals to me. On another note something that I personally can’t visulize for my own home, here in San Diego is a dark Interior. For me the kitchen conveys a very dreary feel. Of course this is my opinion, needless to say: the kitchen has been executed to perfection and suits the buildings style.

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    Thank you. But it seems to be a problem with the link.

    Would love to see the house you are talking about 🙂

  • Here is another one to take a look at – its in La Jolla- look at ontheisidedesign.com

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