A Relation Between Interior Spaces And Graphic Elements

My graphic assignment for this week involves typography. I have been trying to challenge myself, but I am not sure how it will work out though.

I started this week by visiting the library for some good graphic sources, but realized quickly that those books did not satisfy my inspiration. Instead I returned to my interior design books and suddenly my head was spinning with ideas for my graphic design course.

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Images borrowed from Dwell by approval

These images above reminds me of typography. A combination and contrast between simple colors and chunks of letters.

  • I agree with you Amer, that is exactly the reason why I feel that I can't choose one particular design path but instead want to get into them 'all'.

  • Nothing can exist without a context. Graphic desing paired with eg interior design is perfect. Typography and interior design have a lot in common actually – both work with balancing contrast and scale. Achieving this balance is quite a feat!


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