Dreaming Of Amsterdam

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-I wish to stay in a houseboat when I go there. I was re-searching online and it seems like you can actually rent them.-

It’s a rainy and cold Saturday. I’m sipping my cup of tea out of my favorite mug and dreaming away. This time my dreams takes me to Amsterdam, a town which we have been wanting to visit for a time now. I actually don’t know anything about it. The reason why I even added Amsterdam on my ‘To visit list’ is because of the diverse culture and freedom this place projects. A place where society seems to be okay for you to discover the ‘true’ you…..

Someone who does know about Amsterdam is Natasha, A Swede, a blogger and now resident of Amsterdam. In her blog she updates photos of her strolls around the city. She seems to be an art and music lover and so the blog has some focus on events and galleries.

Images borrowed from NatashaMitt liv i Amsterdam" by approval

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