Friday Picks

1. Posters {Therese Sennerholt}. Inspiring and easy to look at. 2. Diaries {Bookbinders}. It seems as if I am always on a mission to find a nice looking diary. 3. A Blouse {Gina Tricot}. Actually it is more like ‘the’ blouse. 4. Macbook Pro {Apple}. I would not say no to a new laptop.

My super short product list this week. Are there any particular items that you are into this week?


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  • You're back. Yipee. I've missed seeing your blog come up in my roll.

    Hope all is fantastically well with you (-:

  • Hey Linda :))

    I am back and with tons of inspiration..yey ;)

    So glad to hear from you too :)

    Everything is great, hope all is well with you and fam also.

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